Urbalive + 1000 worms + Blanket

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This kit includes the Urbalive worm farm, 1000 compost worms and an Urbalive worm blanket.

The Urbalive Worm Farm is beautifully designed and easy to use. The worm farm has a tight fitting lid, stacker trays where the worms transform food scraps into vermicompost, with a tank base where the worm juice is collected.

Suitable for small households or lower volumes of food waste.  The Urbalive is odour free and can live indoors or outside under cover.


505mm wide x 605mm high x 185mm deep

Kit includes

Urbalive trays and lid
Wooden legs and screws
Plastic insect sticky trap

Please note:

  • Worms and blankets are delivered seperately from the worm farm.
  • Delivery is typically within 5-7 working days.
  • If you are not immediately able to set up your worm farm, the worms will keep in the box in a cool dark place for a few days, longer if you put them in a bucket with a little food. Make sure the environment is moist.
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