Worm blankets


The Wormlovers worm blankets have been upcycled using fabric waste from the textile industry, which has been felted together into an insulating mat.  The double thickness ensures good insulation and a long lifespan, and the worms will not eat the fabric.  The wide soft handle makes lifting to feed easy.

Worm blankets encourage the worms to come up and over the top of the food as they feel more secure under cover.

The blanket keeps moisture in the feed layer making the perfect environment for your worms, and speeding up the processing power of your worm farm.

Your worm blanket will reduce access to insects and pests.


Can O Worms: 480mm in diameter

Hungry Bin: 500mm x 500mm

Place the blanket on top of the feed layer, lift or remove to add more food and paper.

Moisten the underside in dry weather to reduce the blanket wicking moisture out of the feed layer.

It is not uncommon for worms to migrate to the top of the blanket and onto the lid, this is a reaction to changes in humidity or air pressure.  Carefully shake the worms back under the blanket.

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